Befare offers a Franchise to businesses at a reasonable price. The qualifications are limited to:

1.       One must have qualified vehicles

2.       Insurance physical and liability

3.       The Corporation must be named as Additional Insured

4.       Drivers are to pass a background check.


Fees are:

1.       Initial Franchise fee:

a.      One State $2,000.00

b.     Monthly fee after the first month is 6% of gross

c.     Minimum monthly fee is $200.00

d.    Fee for the current to be paid by the end of the following month

e.     Franchise Agreement to be signed for 1-5 years

f.     End of period renewal is $500.00


Company will provide:

1.     The software for the Drivers and Customers

2.     Records of the Company Revenue

3.     Financial as relates to the individual companies

4.     Support as required for regular company business.

5.     Additional services as requested at additional cost


The full agreement is available when one intends to execute the Franchise Agreement.

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