Once your trip ends, you can pay by cash or even better… keep your E fare money recharged to ride cash-free! You also get a detailed cost breakdown in an invoice emailed to you.
Want to plan ahead for a car to the airport or railway station? You can choose RIDE LATER to book a car in advance.
Share your ride details with your family and friends so they can track your ride and know you are safe. Leave the stress of travel to competent and courteous drivers and enjoy your ride!
You can get fare details of different cars from the app. Press and hold the category icons for the rate card. You can also get an estimated cost of your trip before booking a car. Just tap on ‘Ride Estimate’ and enter your destination.
You can also reduce the car fare up to 50% by choosing E fare Share. We match you with other users travelling along your route so you can share a car. You can also choose to travel exclusively with your colleagues or classmates.
You can also tag work- or business-related rides as Corporate rides when you book cabs in the app. You’ll get invoices for these rides at your official email address. Companies can use E fare Corporate for employee travel management. They can easily track and sponsor corporate rides when employees book cars from the app.

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